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Safe Haven  Garden

A poem about our Garden

by a Safe Haven parent

This week at our nursery

We had a very exiting day

The builders came to see us

and took our lawn away

We all stood at the window

To watch the great big digger

They dug a hole right in the ground

And its getting even bigger

The grass has gone, the shed is flat

There's nowhere left to play

The garden is now full of mud

So we'll stay inside today!

On Friday when we got there

There wasn't much to see

In fact all that they have left us

Is our little apple tree

Now we have a canopy

To shade us from the sun

& bright green grass has just been laid

Where we can play and run

We are so excited

We're just waiting for the day

When Sarah comes to tell us

That we can go outside to play

After hours and hours of waiting

That day has finally come

The nursery door is open wide

And we can see just what they've done

The grass is clean and spongy

There's an insect nature trail

We'll have to keep our eyes open

To see who spots a snail

There's an aeroplane, a sandpit

And lots of brand new toys

So the biggest thank you Sarah

From all your girls and boys